Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week One: A ReCap

My intention was to record updates on a daily basis, but I think this might be unrealistic.  My Blogging capabilities via BlackBerry are limited and I think the fact that my Bernie MacBook has long since gone to pasture is actually a good thing. As I continue along this journey, my role/performance as 'guest' is intimately tied to analog interaction.  That being said, the seven days at Simone's was incredible.  I will attempt to summarize my experience here using a curated selection of words and images:

On Friday Simone hosted another one of her famous dinner parties.  Typically, it's strictly for the ladies and full of intelligent conversation, wonderful food, and a heavy dose of inspiration.  After the meal we were each given an afghan to snuggle in.  It was like an after dinner cordial- sweet and warm.

After a six-year learning curve, I can finally manage winter walks (layers, warm boots, covered ears and gloved hands  are a must).  I think it's the small town country that compels me, but I just love to walk around.  Last Thursday (?)  I walked from my apartment  (supply pick up) in Bed-Stuy to Ft. Greene.  On the way I spied a public art piece announcing the 2010 exhibition "The Pink Elephant Speaks" curated by Dexter Wimberly.  I hadn't peeped this installation before, but it was a treat to discover it as Parliment Funkadelic chorused 'freak of the week' in my headphones.

I am collaborating with Sara Hart on a performance project (Soul Clap: One More 'Gin) and we met to discuss a few of the details.  In addition to being an amazing photographer, she is a yogi, teacher, and all around righteous human being. Apparently, righteous human beings need reminders, so I figured I would pay it forward with the images above.  

Nothing says "home" quite like TV.  Even with my fancy book learning, television programing still connects to residual memories of my growing up.  Fortunately, Simone and I have similar tastes- especially with regard to the reality genre.  I am actually enriched by the cautionary tales that these shows provide, plus where else will I find catchphrases to season my conversations with?
Allow me a few examples:
  • "including myself...first" 
  • ""
  • "Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent"
  • Cunty, cunty, cunty, cunty.
  • "I LIIIIIIIIIVE for this bitch!"

On my last night, I managed to finish Simone's autographed copy of ZAMI.  I still don't have another title for my performance at The Kitchen but I did snag a few choice phrases from the book that will stick with me for a long time...
  • Whitelisted
  • Electric Lace 
  • Legitimate Gossip
  • Laughing with Blackness

Thanks again Simone.  It was such a pleasure!

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