Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day One.

Today was great, for all the unexpected reasons.  I am crampy with my period (also day one), but I am grateful for the opportunity to experience this so early in the game (not!).  In either case, I had a meeting with the curator at The Kitchen (inspiring), got a chance to connect with my wonderful friend and talented colleague (fun), and started on my first "assignment".  Simone is selecting a number of titles from her personal library as a kind of loose reading list. So, along with finishing Cane River (Thanks Judia!) I am starting William Pope.L : The Friendliest Black Artist in America ©.  I've also decided that by the week's end we are to collaborate on a title for my upcoming performance at The Kitchen.  This  project is already looking very promising.

Simone told me a story today.  
I will re-tell it as it is meant.
there are two dogs.
one is noble.
a gentle and genrous spirit.
the other,
a loathsome something.
the other would attack the noble daily
a never ending contest.

there are questions.
To whom go the spoils?

The dog that is fed the most.

(Love is pull instead of push.)

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