Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Two.

Today was about the connection between physical + mental health.  My host swears by the inclusion of physical fitness as a part of a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.  She and I attended a Rebounding class as a start to the day.  Strength and cardio woke me up after a somewhat fitful night's sleep and, even without my sneakers, I could participate fully, supported by the spongy recoil of the mini-trampoline.  Truth be told, the whole endorphin rush is not a game. I am fortunate that Simone has enough guest passes for the rest of my visitation week.  Afterward we chilled (or heated) in the sauna- the Dodge YMCA is off the hook.  Highly recommended; I am looking forward to budgeting for my own membership.

I finished the William Pope.L retrospective.  Great book. His work, his conceptual musings- are all amazing sources for...  
In either case, I've culled a few choice quotes for the boook that I would like to share:
  • "I am white culture.  Yet it is the Negro in me what I am." - William Pope.L
  • "White is not a color, but strategy." - William Pope.L
  • "I'm trying to come to the point | I refuse to give up my obsession | America stop pushing I know what I'm doing"  -Allen Ginsberg

    Blessed are those who delegate. - Sara Hart

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