Thursday, February 10, 2011


While I have most of my supplies (linen, lotion, hairgrease, etc.), there are a few choice items that I am purposefully excluding from my kit.  One example is toothpaste.  I once read this article in college that positioned dental hygiene as a kind of shamanistic ritual that is indigenous to American culture.  I've always been fascinated by this recasting and find that the general claims of the article are true. I hypothesize that every host will have a unique product for toothbrushing and am contemplating a few options for documenting this, in addition to using it of course. Twice. Daily.  Erik Boker has already dissected dental paste in his work, perhaps I can continue the conversation... 

"When [y’all] wake up in the morning, don’t just brush your teeth, man. Scrub your tongue, man. Scrub that f—kin’ halitosis off your f—kin’ tongue of yours. This is real talk, man."   - Pretty Toney (a.k.a Ghostface Killah)

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