Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 2: A ReCap

My week with Waichi was absolutely phenomenal!  It began with a guided meditation focusing on protection, health, and the attraction of positive energies.  I sprained my pinky toe in December, and I swear, after giving the affected area bit of soul power, it's feeling less jinky (that's a professional term)...
The toothpaste selection was Nature's Gate Herbal Creme De Anise.  

And, speaking of hygiene, I added to my travel kit with a washcloth from LAYLA's towel boutique (Thanks Waichi!).   

Waichi and I met nearly 5 years ago at a month-long event she helped co-produced called THE MOVEMENT STUDIO.  I am fortunate to be included in her circle of friends and am grateful that she shared her space with me for seven days.  Born in Hong Kong, Waichi is bilingual and brings a very individual style to everything that she does.  Most notably, her home is the beneficiary of her sartorial and design talents.  During my stay I asked her how knowledge of two languages affects her inner dialogue.  She says it's a mixture of English and Cantonese with special emphasis on the phrases that are difficult to translate the intricacies of meaning.  One of which is a phrase directly translated as "You don't know how to eat."  Now, it is a widely known fact that I enjoy a good meal,  but apparently it is my willingness to try unfamiliar things  (both on the culinary side and in life's adventures) that this phrase alludes to.  Check below for a abridged version of Waichi's home cooked delights.  p.s. Ricotta as a spread on toast with berries is the TRUTH. 

Waichi's place is a only a ten-minute from my apartment, but offers a another set of nooks and crannies to explore.  Of course my hair obsession was in full effect as I grabbed some snaps.  

Sunday was brunch day, and we enjoyed an all-you-can-eat brunch at La Table Exquise.  Highly recommended...

Week 2 further solidified the importance of analog communication- we read to each other, had long conversations and broke bread together.  In the midst of Facebook and email  this was a much needed experiential moment.  I know that's why performance art is turning a corner in terms of being accepted by all kinds of audiences.  It's a small reminder of human condition; regardless of the various explanations of the ultimate fabric of existence, each day we have the opportunity to experience and create unique moments.

Everything you do is right.

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