Sunday, February 20, 2011

Harlem, the cat

Another departure from my experience thus far, is Harlem.  Not the place, mind you, but the very lovable, very cool, cat.  I've known Harlem for about 3 years now, but living in his space has given me a glimpse of his many sides.  An expert napper and curious to a fault, Harlem has been my companion durning my alone hours in Bettina's space.  One of the original stipulations of my performance score was that I was not to occupy the home without my host.  Time and circumstance has graciously dictated otherwise and I am grateful to absorb the energies of space without my host.  In fact, I think that my blog posts are dependent upon a bit of solitude. Well, not including non-human residents...

MEOW.      - Harlem

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