Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 3 ReCap: The Actor Prepares

My third host is Bettina Goolsby.  A graduate of the University of Virginia, member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, and magazine marketing veteran (Vibe, Glamour, Marie Claire, Teen People etc.)- she traded corporate structure for life as a striving actor.  This visit marks a departure from my previous hosts in regard to the general feeling of our activities.  In this case I am more of a shadow, tagging along as Bettina goes about her very full days.  After a requisite yogic intro at The Om Factory, the first event on the roster was her weekly (screen)writing class*.

There, we discussed  "pattern" (the negative aspect of a character that keeps him/her away from their goal), how "raising the stakes" creates the drama that we crave in good moviemaking, and the importance of working through a 'bad' draft.  After class we chowed at La Esquina, an upgraded taco stand that truly delivered some bomb-ass Mexican food.  With a frigid wind whipping outside, it was nice to grub with an LA state of mind... SEXICO!

Wednesday I got a chance to play with actors, which to the uninitiated is like being on permanent vacation at summer camp.  ZIP-ZAP-ZOOPREPETITION, and TOUNGE TWISTERS were my faves.  I even got a chance to improv as a drunk pregnant woman talking with her stuttering  (and apparently philandering) husband.  (Thanks Dave and Cindy)

I do have a few chores one of which is to help organize her apartment space (which I LOOOOVE) and deliver the give-a-ways to GoodWill- that, and cooking for a full day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner- which I also LOOOOVE).  I am inspired by the opportunity to be helpful to my hosts, and even as I continue to tweak the perimeters of The Inflatable Mattress performance, I am glad that I included this element of service.

BIM. All up in your face.

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