Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week #4: A Recap

(Screen print by Alissa Jenkins)

Staying with Fiona and crew was an absolute pleasure.  I had these very sweet individual moments with her roommates: Charis is a Master's student in Oral History at Columbia University and Anna is an emerging fashion designer.  Our salon, Saturday Morning™, was full of fun, nostalgia and spirited conversation surrounding the philosophical/cultural impact of G.I. Joe, Sally Sargent, Fat Albert and other cartoon classics.
Typically, I try to read at least  one book that is restricted to the domain of the living space, but I managed to work within another kind of restriction.  In preparation for our cartoon fest, I visited the reading rooms at both The Schomburg and The Performance Library at Lincoln Center and relished The Colored Cartoon and Saturday Morning Fever.  Bellinis, Bloody Marys, perfect scrambled eggs along with roasted mushrooms and vine tomatoes were a hit...
Fiona doesn't work on Mondays, so we took the opportunity to spend some quality time together.  Meeting at 89th and Lexington, we used the day to stroll all the way down to 39th-ish for an Indian lunch buffet while searching for a good deal on an eye exam/lenses/frame combo.  We dished, we bonded, we found a great deal ($99.00 for Exam, Frames and lenses @ 20/20 Eyewear)...

We parted company (all good guests give hosts some space) and I reconnected with two of my favorite folks (Simone Leigh and Michael Paul Britto) at The Kitchen for Cauleen Smith's MicroCinema.  MicroCinema is a curated collection of avant garde film and video and a wild ride of visual artifacts.  I booked my way back to Brooklyn for my last night at house #4...

Lesson from The Herculoids:  Don't kidnap white women in space. 

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