Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 5: The Remains of The Stay

And so, I am approaching the halfway point of this project and it was lovely spend it with Legacy and her mates.  As it turns out I did a nice chunk of reading while spending time there and would like to share additional titles here:


I think PostSecret is one of those kinds of ingenious projects that I hope to think of one day.  Until then, I will have to be satisfied with possibly submitting a PostSecret of my own or continuing to be inspired by the similarity of human insecurities.

After browsing the 2008 Whitney Biennial Catalog I was introduced to a hand ful of artists that I'm going to investigate further.  A short list follows: Jedediah Caesar , Matt Mullican, DJ Olive, Mitzi Pederson , Seth Price and Phoebe Washburn.


Most of the selections on Week #5's bookshelf were what I would describe as important texts, but I managed to uncover an example of my usual mass market faire with Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him. A heady title, but actually, it's a deliciously entertaining piece of chick-lit, set in the art world.  A quick (and highly recommended) read.
Pieces For The Left Hand was a gift from the free shelf at Fiona's (Host #4) job.  With the exception of the paycheck, the 'free shelf' is my favorite accoutrement of corporate working life.  This book was a true find.

One my last night we had Thai takeout, red wine and my favorite delicacy, conversation.  The next morning was a quiet gathering of stuff while my hosts slept.  As I made my final accounting of the items for my next visit, I  silently thanked my hosts for their amazing hospitality, inclusion and space.  
Onward to Week #6...

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