Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week #5: Reading List

This week's selections were a pleasant departure from the more spiritual thread of the past few weeks.  The Day of The Triffids was naughty romp into the science fiction genre replete with cold war paranoia, meteor showers plunging humankind into blindness and venomous-murdering-walking-communicating plants.   Clearly, The Day of The Triffids is a blueprint for all manner of wake-up-in-the-hospital-and-civilization-as-we-know-it-is-dead tales.

As Legacy got me settled, I spied a copy of Beautiful Necessity on her bookshelf, and inquired about the familiar name of the author.  She had no connection to offer, other than the fact that the book continues to be widely inspirational to her own art making (which she deftly balances with her work with The Bruce High Quality Foundation).  I was off to meet with Dr. Kay Turner, to participate in a archival interview for The Black Brooklyn Renaissance Project spearheaded by the the Folk Arts Department of the Brooklyn Arts Council.  The world continues to shrink in size, as I soon discovered that my Dr. Turner and the author of this book, are the same.  I am hoping to facilitate a bit of synergy between Legacy and Dr. Turner as both of their interests on the area of altar making are significant.

The image above is a photograph of Legacy's heirloom copy of Invisible Man.  Given to Ms. Russell by her father, the book is normally housed in a ziploc bag (vintage style, no "yellow and blue make green" to be found here).  I am bummed that I probably won't be able to finish it  before Monday, but feel confident that it's a sign that I should move it to the top of my must - list, irrespective of my 'Mattress' aspirations.  I never seem to make it past the Battle Royale, but it's 2011 and I have high hopes.  The book design alone warrants an image and so I've included it here.

Another American Classic:  SELF-RELIANCE and OTHER ESSAYS.  I am mainly reading these as the page dictates, opening the the book(let) and enjoying whatever whatever chance reveals...

"Don't underestimate the the value of a freakshow."  - Anonymous

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