Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week 7: Tutt + Network

Ethany Uttech is my gracious host for this week.  The Re-Grant Director for the Brooklyn Arts Council, she lives in a loft collective called "The Zoo" in an area we lovingly refer to as Bush-Stuy.  It's an experience in conservationist urban living (compost receptacle, vegan fare, and 7 minute showers are all included) as I enjoy a rare chunk of time with Ethany and company.  Our first order of business was dinner on Wednesday at Tutt, a Middle Eastern cafe with a generously photo-based menu.  Located in Brooklyn Heights, the surrounding neighborhood is a throwback from colonial times, and the food is delicious.
We planned to connect body + mind + spirit with a yoga session, but opted to feed the media junkie inside and watch the classic film NETWORK.    Strikingly contemporary.

Hijinks and shenanigans.

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