Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wednesday Dinner Par-Tay

My host for week #5 (Legacy Russell) hosted an intimate dinner party for her very cool, very  stylish friends.   Lydia, was the first to arrive as she was scheduled to attend a concert and comment on its cool factor via SwedeBeat magazine.  The next on the scene was one of my host's childhood buddies Jacob, a dashing young architecture student at Columbia, who is working on a tremendous project that re-imagines the look and feel of a potter's field.  We spoke at length about the monuments of death (the first landscaped parks were cemeteries) and how cultural norms continue to place emphasis on the corporeal, even when confronted with death.  Morbid and brilliant conversation to say the least, it was interrupted by two final guests, Natalie and Michelle, visiting sisters, also from Sweden.  Enjoying the playful lilt of their accents and lighter conversation, we all ended the evening at a bar called ELSA

I just found out about the exhibition, LET IT END LIKE THIS, via the Village Voice. 
Jacob:  I hope this gives you a bit of additional inspiration for your project...


Objects of the indigent.

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