Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week #11: Required Reading

Transcript: Bill Moyers interviews Richard Rodriguez

I gleaned a number of delectable morsels from this book, allow me to share a few with you...

  • "A few weeks ago, in the newspaper (another day in the multicultural nation), a small iten: Riot in a Southern California high school.  Hispanic students protest, then smash windows, because African-American students get four weeks for black history month, whereas Hispanics get one.  The more interesting protest would be for Hispanics students to demand to be included in Black History Month.  The more interesting remedy would be for Hispanic History Week to include African History." - Richard Rodriquez
  • Black + White = Mutual Vanity
  • The call of nature is brown, even in five-star hotels. - Richard Rodriguez
  • The White Negro
  • The Sermon on The Mount

The mud we make...

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