Monday, April 4, 2011


Since Week 8 (Ethany Uttech) my postings have sporadic at best.  That is not to say that my guestings have been uneventful, on the contrary, it's been such a a whirlwind of activity that it's taken me until week 9 (almost 10) to offer a recap.  So, I'll start from the current day and work my way back...
Feet | Elia Alba (c) 2008

My host for week #9 is Elia Alba.  I fortunately know a few SUPERWOMEN and Elia is not only a client but a president.  She is an artist that integrates a photo-based practice with sculptural and performance forms, creating a body of work that reflects identity, locality and a Diasporan point of view.  Mom to brilliant 13 year old son, I am witness to the daily maneuverings of school-work-creativity that blossom in that household.

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