Monday, April 4, 2011

Viral Video(s)

Okay, so in the midst of traveling with The Inflatable Mattress I am continuing my studio practice albeit in a more digital fashion.  One of the themes that I've been noticing is a move toward a more diverse discourse about contemporary art.  And I'm not just talking about the ethnic or cultural backgrounds of the  folks commenting.  The old school notion of ArtSpeak is becoming more obsolete as individuals are using language that speaks to a variety of communities, while maintaining conceptual accuracy.  In keeping with this, I've been introduced to the phenomenon that is Chuleta, the performative creation of Wanda Raimundi Ortiz, by my host Elia...

On another, more ridiculous note, Elia told me about a viral video that Wanda introduced her to.  Hilarity ensued.  Enjoy!

"DASSS IT!" - Maurica

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  1. Oh, my word! Thank you so much for bringing Maurica into life. My sorely lacking good mood has been restored!