Wednesday, January 19, 2011

10 Real-World Life Lessons That Were Learned in Grade School by Tim Handorf

As I prepare to be a perpetual guest, I am becoming more mindful of how I might be a positive addition to the living space of my hosts.  I was introduced to the following article by the author himself and it seemed like worthwhile reminder. Enjoy!

"Grade school was an impressionable time for everyone. It’s when we became immersed into a mini-society, learning valuable life lessons that have remained through adulthood. If you think about it, many comparisons can be made between life in grade school and life in the real world. For example, back then, we had to learn to coexist with our peers – for better or for worse. And for many, it has proven to be a never-ending learning process; though you’re hopefully better at it now than you were as an 8-year-old. Here are a few life lessons we learned during that fun yet trying time, when the world was fresh and we were a bit more resilient." MORE

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